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Black, Male, 9 months.

Weight: 80 lbs.

Energy Level: High.

Children: Good, 10+ please.

Dogs: Great, loves to play.

Cats: Unknown.

Swimming: Would love to try.

Fetch: LOVES IT!

Leash Skills: Pulls at first, still learning.

Car: Rides well, likes to snooze.

Hi Friends,

My name is Bailey and I am 9 months old. I have been told that I am one handsome boy. Unfortunately, because I am a young, energetic family feels like I may be a bit too much for them. I love to exercise and run. So I would really strive being in a home that allowed me to do that!


Medically, I am a healthy, vibrant puppy.

In the house, I am fully house trained. I am not an excessive barker either. The only time you'll hear me bark is if someone comes to the door or walks up the driveway. I do not go on furniture, I am sure if you invite me up I would but I have been trained to stay off of it. I love my doggy bed, and will curl up there when I'm tired.

I am focused and attentive when it comes to pleasing my humans. I know commands such as sit, come, down, stay and leave it.

On leash, I am learning everyday but still need guidance. I pull for the first little bit than become more relaxed. Off leash, I am not quite trusted. I tend to think being off leash is like a game of chase.

I am great with other dogs. I am playful, and happy. I have no sharing issues or aggressive tendencies.

I have never been around a cat so I am not totally sure how I would be.

I love toys especially when my humans play fetch or tug of war with me. I do need the tougher toys though as I tend to destroy stuffies.

All in all, I am a young boy who needs a home that has lots of time for me. Do you think you would be that family?


Gotta go its time for FETCH!


Love, Bailey.

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