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Female, Chocolate, 8 yrs.

Weight: 103.5 lbs (is on a healthy weight loss plan).

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good.

Swimming: Loves it.

Fetch: Loves it.

Leash Skills: Good.

Car: Settles after a few minutes.

Cats: Unknown.

Hi Friends,

My name is Coco and I am totally 'Coco Bananas' to be around people. I am 8 years old and was surrendered to the shelter by my family who could no longer care for me or afford my vet care. I am also overweight because they overfed me. The amazing folks at the shelter contacted Lab Rescue and immediately Lab Rescue fell in love with me. Here is my story...

A volunteer from Lab Rescue picked me up and brought me to the vet to get my check up. There I was hugged and kissed by everyone who met me. I was very stressed because for 8 years I had been with the same owners, and now I had gone from a shelter to a strange lady from Lab Rescue to another strange lady from Lab Rescue who brought me to this amazing place called Bronte Park where I got to run and play and feel a lot less stressed. Honestly, I had so much fun my tail was wagging and I was hopping like a bunny I was so excited. I was told that I was amazing on my walk. Lab Rescue then learned that I have TERRIFIC RECALL and made sure that I kept looking back at my new Lab Rescue friend to let her know I was there. I greeted everyone on our walk with a wagging tail. I even got to play with dogs, and was respectful of everyone who wanted to pet me.

Medically, I have had some urinary issues in the past, and I am currently on antibiotics to clear up some crystals that were found in my urine. I am quite overweight and Lab Rescue has stepped in to help me lose weight, and get plenty of the exercise I need to feel like a puppy again. Due to me being a little chubby it has aged my face to make me look older but Lab Rescue assures me that my white whiskers are the best part of my look. I have no mobility issues considering my weight, and I have the energy of a 2 year old! I can go up and down stairs with ease, and love being around people.


In the house, I am house trained and well mannered. By the end of the day I was following around my new Lab Rescue friend and felt a lot less stressed. I love chewing Nylabones and have no issues with sharing toys with other dogs and have been told I am a total sweetheart. If you are looking for a companion that doesn't leave your side I am your girl.


I am good with people, kids and other dogs. Cats are unknown.  

For now, I will be working off some of these pounds off!

Love, Coco 

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