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Birthday/age: 1 yr old

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male Mix

Energy Level: High energy

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Good

Hi there, Milo here! I'm pup around a year old, I think. My story is a sad one.  I was suddenly given to a shelter when my family decided they were done with me. I don't understand, I thought I was so cute, I trusted them, why would they do this?  

Next thing I know, I'm dropped in a dirt yard with hundreds of other dogs, some bigger and stronger than me who want to pick on the new kid.  From that day forward I began fighting for food, fighting to live, fighting to survive, always sleeping with one eye open, trusting no one.  This has lead me to have food guarding issues and a wound on my neck as constant reminder of the pain I've suffered.  I am a wonderful dog who was dealt a horrible hand.  When you have to worry about whose going to hurt you, whose going to attack next, when will I get food again, who will I have to fight for that changes you.  That wonderful dog is still inside me, I need you to help me shine.


I recently arrived in Canada and understandably I'm feeling quite stressed having my world turned upside down and shaken.  I'm very fearful a lot of things in my new environment, my defenses are up. You may get a brief glimpse of the real Milo when I roll on my back for belly rubs or engage in a game of tug of war BUT I need someone who recognizes fear signals in dogs and is willing to work with a trainer to teach me the past is behind me, it's ok to trust and let down my guard. I have guarding issues specifically around food after suffering from food insecurity. I do enjoy a Kong filled with food but please don't approach me or pat me as it's my time to chill and enjoy!.  I need that special someone who has a clear understanding of my suffering but will dedicate time and energy to working with me no matter how long it takes.


My new home needs to have a fully fenced yard, a single mature dog parent with experience in fearful dogs, no other pets or children and generally a quiet lifestyle.  I'm absolutely adorable and I will appeal to just about every family out there because of my cuteness.  What I need is for people to see past my looks and go for my heart to set me up for success.  To do that you start by understanding my journey and my journey has been rough, my journey has been very sad.  I will be the best dog I can be but that won't happen overnight.  That will happen slowly over months of dedications.  Will you be that person who is dedicated to me?  Will you be that person who will invest in my future?  


I'm look for a second chance....Are you that person who is going to help give it to me??


Love Milo


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