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Birthday/age: 3 yrs old

Colour: Black

Gender: Female

Weight: Unknown

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Unknown

Leash Skills: Unknown

Car: Unknown

Fetch: Unknown

Swimming: Unknown

Hi Friends!


I'm Nala!  My sister Zazu and I are coming to Canada to start our new life soon and we need a family who can take both of us.  I know this is a big proposition because we will need training to learn your commands and way of life (and probably a crash course in potty training) but we have been together since birth....three or so years.  It would be heart breaking to separate us now!


We are both great with people, gentle, friendly and so eager to hear "good dog".  We've both been "fixed", so that's out of the way. Now we just need to perfect place to lay our heads at night.


A wise old dog here at the shelter read our fortune and said we will find a family with lots of Lab experience, no other pets and kids 14 and older. One with dedicated time and patience to train us and show us all the luxuries us Labs deserve and be financially set to take care of all our needs, whatever they may be.  He said if we try really hard to learn we will get treats and we will be spoiled rotten!  Wow, this sure does sound like we are about to hit the jackpot!  The wise old dog also gave me a list of what our furever family with have:


~ A long history of Labradors in the family

~ Financial security to carry the cost of two dogs (inc. food, medical, training and supplies)

~ Enthusiasm to train --to do this, must be home on a regular basis

~ Experience in training, although a trainer will be provided to you for    phone calls and video sessions

~ Over 14 year olds in the home

~ No other pets

~ Physical space indoors and outdoors to comfortably accommodate a large breed pair

~ Patience, fortitude, and time dedicated to the active lifestyle of the Labrador breed X 2


If you think you are up to the task, Lab Rescue would love to hear from you!


Love Nala


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