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Black, Male, 3 yrs old (June 22, 2014)

Weight: 80 lbs 

Energy Level: High

Children: Loves them (strong could knock over a little one).

Dogs: No thanks.

Cats: Unknown.

Swimming: Would love to try.

Fetch: Would love to try.

Leash Skills: Working on my manners.

Car: Rides well.

Hi everyone my name is FINN (short for Finnick) and I am here at Lab Rescue because my family was too busy for me and eventually decided they no longer wanted me around.

My foster mom says I can be described as a big lovable goofball. I am full of energy and super affectionate. My tail wags a mile a minute with every person I meet. I am a happy go lucky boy looking for a family that loves to give love as I adore being fussed over!

In the house, I am told I have wonderful manners. I am house trained, not an excessive barker nor a counter surfer, but you know what I really love? snuggling on the furniture! So I would love a family that doesn't mind to share their spot when watching a movie on a Friday night! I absolutely love following my foster mom around and laying at her feet. I am very laid back and don't mind hanging out at home.


I am not possessive over food or toys. I will gladly share whatever I have with my foster family. 

On leash, I pull at first. I don't think I was walked much nor trained on leash so my foster parents are working on me walking in a straight line (right now I love to zig zag). I know with time my walking skills will greatly improve.

Believe it or not I am picky with treats (I think I am the only lab with this funny trait). I have snubbed my nose at every fruit & vegetable given to me, and most treats in general. My foster mom did find something I really like though.....liver treats! 

I am not entirely sure how I would be with cats. I did pass one briefly when I was at the doggy spa but she hissed and swatted at me, and I just stared at her wondering why cats can be so mean to dogs. I mean I was just trying to say hello.

At this time I would be best in a home without any other dogs. I mean why would I want to share the attention with another fur sibling? Although I seem to excited to meet other dogs, I did let out a little growl when interacting with another male. The folks at Lab Rescue don't think I was socialized with other animals too much.

Do I sound like I could be a good match for your family? I sure hope so!

Love, Finn.

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