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Birthday/Age: 6 yrs.

Colour: Black.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 100 lbs (could lose a few). LARGE LAB

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good, but could knock a little one over.

Dogs: Fine.

Cats: No thanks.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Good.

Car: Good, I even have a seat belt.

Fetch: Good but I prefer bones and balls.

Swimming: Would love to try.

Hi, my name is Vinnie... and even though I've only been with my foster family for just a few days, I've already made a big impression (in a good way!).


First, I'm a big boy. I weigh about 100lbs so I am big for a labbie. No, I'm not fat, I'm just a big boy. My foster dad thinks I'm at a very good weight for my size.


Second, I'm a healthy eater. I get two cups of kibble morning and two more night (plus I'll happily take any treats you offer). I don't have any food hang ups.  I'll happily eat what you put in front of me. I eat well with other dogs because I won't attempt to steal their food, but I will butt in line to get treats first. My foster mom gives me peanut butter treats, which I gobble down. Apparently there is something called 'medicine' wrapped in the peanut butter. I don't care about that, because I love treats. I need someone to teach me to take treats more gently. I don't bite but I do grab a little too fast. Fortunately, because I am so food motivated, it shouldn't take long for me to learn. I also need to learn not to chew leather (belts, shoes). If you keep these out of my reach and provide me with appropriate chew toys, I'll be fine.


Third, don't tell anyone but I'm actually a big baby! I like it when my foster dad scratches me behind my ears and under my chin. He also gives me belly scratches which I just adore. I'll lie down and put my head on your lap if you scratch my head! I like sleeping on the sofa in the evening. My foster dad says I snore when I sleep!


Fourth, I like people. I do OK on my own but I am happiest when I'm around my foster mom or dad. I am also quite vocal at times. If I want something, I'll bark / talk to you to explain myself. Mostly I just want to follow you in or out and to stay by your side. I will go to the door and bark / talk when I need to go outside. I'm not perfectly house trained yet, so please take me outside when I ask.


Fifth, I am a strong dog. This morning, my foster folks put me on a wire lead and sent me outside. I saw a neighbor and wanted to say high so I gave a little tug and broke the nylon snap on my collar! I went over and very politely introduced myself. I didn't make any attempt to run and I wasn't difficult to catch. I just wanted to be friendly. I now have a new, double nylon strap collar with a steel buckle. I think it is much more appropriate for a dog of my size. I also pull a lot on my leash, something my foster mom doesn't like. So she puts a gentle leader on me (small strap around the snout and through a collar). Once I have my gentle leader on, I walk just fine.


I'm here at a place called the cottage. I've gone to the water's edge but I haven't tried swimming yet. I'll try it with my two Labrador buddies when I'm ready. I probably just need a few pointers from more experienced dogs.


Well, enough about me. I hope I've made a big impression on you. I'm looking for my forever home...  where I can share my big heart with my new family.



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