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Birthday/age:  2 yrs

Gender: Male

Weight: 64 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No

Car: Good

Swimming: Love it!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Well hello there! I'm Buck, a 2-year-old happy guy with a fun-loving personality! ​

I’m a polite boy, with great house manners. I ask to come up on the couch or bed by sitting and looking at you until you tell me OK. I don't beg for human food and when dinner is being made, I'm off on my own resting. I love meeting new people and playing outside. I’m a great walker for a young guy and am very responsive to cues on leash. I’ve been learning to sit and focus while on leash in high distraction settings and perfecting my "leave it" skills.

I know lots of commands – sit, stay, shake a paw, to name a few – and I’m sure with some of those yummy dog treats I can learn so much more! And I’m great in the car … let’s roll down the windows and put our play list on! I love to play in my yard and relax on the cool grass and chase those squirrels as they whiz by me! Boy, they're fast, maybe one day I can catch up to them!

I’m one of those boys that thrives with a predictable daily routine. And once we get to know each other, I will never be far from your side!  I get along fine with other dogs having lived with one, but I am a rough and tumble sort of boy and not all dogs appreciate that style of play!


I like my space when I’m sleeping or at meal times. After all, you wouldn't want someone to hover over you while you eat or put their hands on your plate, and neither do. I like to be fed in a quiet spot of the house so I can enjoy my meal in peace. I'm fine to take treats gently and I'll give my high value toys up to the human I trust the most. With consistency and a predictable routine my trust improves, and I like to go at my own pace, allowing me to come to you.


I'm best suited for an experienced family who will continue my training. I look forward to making lots of canine friends once I'm settled! I love to do enrichment activities, like hiking, swimming, mind stimulation puzzles and, of course, snuggling on the couch together. If you're my perfect match, let’s meet!

Love Buck

Contact us at for questions.


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