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Birthday/age: 11 mths old

Colour: Black

Gender: Male Mix

Energy Level: High energy

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Great



My name is Rocky and I'm this many.....oh wait you can't see my paws...hhmmm.. anyways I think I'm around 11 months old and I'm told I'm a black lab mix....but I'm told that doesn't matter because the right family for me will love all of me, even the mix part!  


I've lived with other doggies my whole entire life. I would just love to have another doggy in my new home to keep me from being lonely.  My days are spent playing until I drop and then napping just enough and then play some more!  I don't know any fancy tricks or commands.  I'm told that's okay, my new family will teach me everything and take me on long walks and teach me games like fetch and swimming and give me lots of treats...whatever those are...and they will have toys for me to play with and I will get to cuddle with them and have a soft bed all to myself and take me to a magical place called Doggy School!   Wow, that sounds like so much fun!!  My friends at Lab Rescue told me this is what my future will look like and I'm so so so excited! we just need the perfect family......


Love Rocky


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