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Birthday/age: 4 yrs old

Colour: Black

Gender: Female Mix

Weight: 42 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: 14+ please

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Fetch: Willing to learn

Swimming: Would love to try

Hi Friends!

Ronda here!!  I'm a 4 year old black Lab mix.  Mixed with what?... I think its sugar because everyone tells me I'm so sweet!  My human decided one day that she is no longer a dog person and Lab Rescue came to save the day.  I'm settling nicely with my foster enjoying long walks and lots of attention.


I'm great in the house and accustomed to having someone home during the day.   I can be a little nervous in new settings but warm up quickly when given space and reassurance.  I know "human" pretty well.  I know Ronda, sit, down, shake paw, on your bed, walk, car, treats, supper, breakfast, toys and "going to work". I love to do "going to work" because it means a car ride which I'm fantastic at and I get to hang out with my people all day long. My recall skills are pretty good except when I'm in "Squirrel Mode" so my family will need to cautious of that.  Those things are so fun to chase!! I'm super food motivated and ready to please. 


Leash walking is a bit new to me and I could use some help.  I'm so excited to go for a walk that I pull at first.  I'm alarmed by passing vehicles and bikes and will lunge towards them in defense.  I tend to overreact when I see other dogs on leash which leads to barking, lunging and growling.  I know this doesn't sound nice and I know I can do better, I just need the proper guidance.  I would like my new family to work with a trainer on ways to manage with my leash behaviour.  I'm eager to learn with the proper training so we can all enjoy the leash when it is needed.


Off leash I am completely different with other dogs and we get along fine.  A well balanced, confident doggy friend might even be help me build my confidence.   I've been fine sharing my space with a cat too, although I liked it more than it liked me.  It would be best that I be in a home with kids older than 16, if any, as my exposure to children is very limited.  I am a bit standoffish with new people but warm up quickly for cuddles.


My ideal family will be experienced dog parents who are home a lot or can allow me to do "going to work" in a quiet environment where I will nap on my dog bed.  A quiet setting with off leash trail walks every day would be a dream come true!  Patience, respect and grace while I adjust to your way of life will go a long way to a successful transition.  Are you my perfect family?





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