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Birthday/age: 8 yrs

Colour: Black X

Gender: Male

Weight: 95 lbs (could lose some weight)

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Great, lived with them

Dogs: Great

Cats: Great

House Skills: Great

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Great

Fetch: Good

Swimming: Enjoys it

Hi Friends,​

My name is Packer (I know what all you football fans are thinking)....I was not named after the Packers...or was I? I am 8 years young and am coming to Lab Rescue because my family has grown and with kids in the family they are finding it too difficult to care for me too. 

Medically, I do suffer from allergies. My family has tried different foods but could never really figure out the source of my issues. I do take maintenance medication to help control the allergies, and when I get flare ups I take a steroid and antibiotics. 

In the house, I am a well behaved boy. I am very calm, quiet and rarely barks. Even when the door bell rings I have been known to barely make a noise...guess I wouldn't make the best guard dog would I? I am pretty go with the flow and have excellent manners in the house. I am not a door dasher but will wander outside on the lawn and come back when I'm called.

I love to walk but lately have not been walked because my house has been so busy. I am currently walked on a harness and am great on it. I have not really been off leash so I am not sure how I would be. 

I used to live with a cat and was totally fine with that. The cat thought he was in charge but you know us dogs we always let them think such things. I tried to play with him a couple of times but the cat was not all that interested. 

I also used to live with a dog and we got along great. We grew up together and would play and hang out. I don't have any issues with sharing food, toys or water. I think I would really enjoy going to a home with another dog that is kind and playful.

I love the car and will immediately jump in and lay down. You won't hear a peep from me. 

I am great with all types of people. I am instantly friendly and do not need time to warm up.

Overall, I am a lovely boy looking for a loving home.

Do I sound like a match for you?

Love, Packer

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