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Birthday/age: 1 yr

Colour: Black X

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Learning

Car: Good

Fetch: Enjoys it

Swimming: Loves it


Hi Friends,


I'm Tucker, a one year old Labbie mix.  I'm so happy Lab Rescue stepped in to help me find a new home to give me everything a young boy like me needs.  I'm looking for an experienced dog parent who will build that so important bond that everyone talks about.  I promise your loyalty will be rewarded with lots of cuddles.


My days are mainly spent outside people watching or playing with other doggies when friends come to visit.  Once in a while I get to go for a walk which I would so love more of with my new family.  I must toot my own horn for a second...although I have had no formal training, I'm pretty good on the leash!  My house manners are great. I like to lounge on the couch or play with the cat when he's up for it.  I really like to rough house with my doggy friends so once my own size are best.  I'm great in the car and rarely bark!  I've lived with young children and come to learn that I'm not so in to them anymore.  I would really like a quiet mature home with no children and a limited number of family members and guests.  I would love to go for long walks every day and since I love swimming so much, maybe a pool or a lake close by would good too!  A boy can dream...and Lab Rescue is good at making dreams come true!  


Love Tucker


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.