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Birthday/age: 9 yrs (August 23, 2010)

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Female

Weight: 82 lbs (needs to lose a few lbs)

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Fine 

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Walks really well

Car: Calm

Fetch: Not interested

Swimming: Would like to try



My name is Crystal and I traveled quite a long journey to get to Lab Rescue. The reason I am here is due to the flood that happened in Quebec. My owner lost her home and I ended up in a shelter where no senior should ever have to live out their days. It took a wonderful group of volunteers to help transport me.


I am learning English but I know French very, very well. My foster parents have been freshening up on their french, and chatting to me in my first language which I really seem to enjoy as it makes me feel right at home.

When I first arrived with my foster mom and dad I was a little bit shy. But as each day passes my personality really shines through, and I am becoming such a loving, fun, affectionate, and sweet girl. They describe me as such an easy and laid back girl. 

Medically, I am doing pretty well for my age. When I came to Lab Rescue I was having a little bit of trouble with my bladder but now that I take medicine daily I don't have anymore issues.  I can do stairs as long as there are not too many all at once, but I definitely don't have an issue jumping up on the bed or couch for a snuggle session. 

In the house, I am very good girl. I have full run of the house. I can be left alone with no issues nor do I try and get into things that I shouldn't. I will bark if I hear strangers but my foster mom and dad love that because I make an excellent dog guard.

I love to go for walks. I go for 30 min a few times a day and thats enough for me. I am excellent on and off leash. my foster humans gave me lots of toys but I don't bother with them all that much....I prefer to be close to my humans instead.

Overall, I am such an easy going girl. Looking for a place to lay my head.

Apply today!

Love, Crystal

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