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Hi there! Daisy here!


I’m a super happy girl who just loves meeting new humans, big and small! While I haven’t lived with kids, I have played with them, even those little babies; we hung out on the floor together!


I’m great meeting other dogs, and love to play with them all. I used to be a regular at the dog park and met so many friends! I’ve never met a cat, so not sure what I think of them.

I enjoy my walks and am pretty good on my leash! Just taking in on the smells of the 'hood and meeting new peeps out there! I love my stuffies, and hope I get a whole basketful of them in my new home! I also enjoy a good game of fetch!!


Car rides are the best, I just hang out back there till we reach our spot, no matter how far away it is! I’ve even driven to Florida!


I’m a cuddly gal, who would love a spot beside you on the couch to snuggle! 

Let's meet!


My DMs are open!

Birthday/age:  6.5 yrs

Gender: Female

Weight:  83 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate 

Children: 10+

Dogs: Good


Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions.


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