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11 years Black female 

Weight: 98 lbs (could lose a few lbs)

Energy Level: Low but appropriate for her age

Children: Limited exposure.

Dogs: Super with them!

Cats: Loves to chase!  

Swimming: Uses kiddie pool as her water dish!   

Fetch: No thanks.

Leash Skills: Great!

Foster Update:

Diva is doing great. We have decided that her name is perfect as she has a bit of a diva-tude!  Diva doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do.  I'm sure she knows what lay down means but she will slip about trying to stay in a sit looking you right in the eye the whole time.  She will get all excited when you tell her it's time to go outside then will stop at the edge of the deck and plant herself firmly in a sit and not budge. She is great on lead, pulling isn't an issue when sauntering but try and budge her when she has decided to have a good old sniff. 


She made an effort to chase a cat but even that didn't result in pulling.  Took her a bit to work up to a faster pace so lots of time to adjust. Diva is doing better on her walks, going further all the time and sometimes at a brisk pace, we let her dictate our speed. Diva doesn't love this warm weather. She will lay on the deck for a while but is content to be inside. I haven't been able to convince her that the grass in the shade is cooler than the deck....diva-tude.  There is no playing outside or wandering around the yard. She will pee then it's back on the deck. Yesterday when she met Blanco (white dog) she spent some time in the yard but still not a lot. I think she would have attempted to run after him and roll about as dogs do but I didn't want her to hurt herself. Seemed like it would be a lot of effort after doing so little. Blanco is almost 1 and was pretty respectful.


Diva will mouth our hands and paw at us when she wants our attention (mostly if we stop petting her) and she did that to Blanco. I am pretty sure that it was for the same reason but didn't want Blanco to misunderstand so we kept it low key.

Diva has made great progress with them and will now even greet them instead of seeking me out. I think even the low key visit from Blanco was a lot for Diva. She is sleeping a bit more than normal today. Diva is a big old mooch! If there is food out she is right by your side in case you drop something or give in to her I'm a starving dog look. We give Diva carrots (as per her previous owner) and the occasional taste of other fruit but nothing off our plate.

I have only heard her bark once and it was a single half hearted bark and I believe it was only because Blanco was barking at the time. There is one stuffy that she will play with but only if we engage her and so far only in the evening.  She is most playful between 8 and 9 and only for a few minutes.

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