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Male, Black, DOB March 26th, 2011

Weight: 80 lbs. 

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good.=, lived with one.

Cats: Unknown.

Swimming: Loves it.

Fetch: Enjoys soccer.

Leash Skills: Pulls at first, than settles.

Car: Rides well.

Hi Friends,

My name is Doobie and I am a six year old sweetheart. I am coming to Lab Rescue by no fault of my own. My previous owner experienced some hardship that left it extremely difficult to care for me. She really wanted the best life for me so here I am at Lab Rescue.

Medically, I have a few lumps and bumps but nothing to be concerned about at this time.


In the house, I am a good boy. I do jump up when new people come to the door but it is just because I love people so much. After a few minutes I settle. Did I tell you the tricks I know? I can lay down, sit, and come. I am house trained and will signal to go out. I really enjoy playing fetch and soccer too. 


I would like to mention that I am afraid of thunder. People keep saying not to worry that many dogs are afraid of thunder but it makes me scared. 

Lab Rescue is still getting to know me. Please stay tuned for more updates.



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