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Birthday/age: 1 yr (Aug 12, 2019)

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 70 lbs

Energy Level: High

Children: 12 +

Dogs: Prefer a home without 

Cats: Unknown (Not placing in a home with cats)

House Skills: Fine

Leash Skills: Pulls, will need some guidance

Car: Will need more car rides to get comfortable

Fetch: Would love to try

Swimming: Would love to try

Hi Friends!


My name is Duke aka Marmaduke and I'm a 1 year old chocolate boy.  Everyone awes over my boyish good looks but there's more to me than just my smile. I came from a farm-type setting where the humans spent zero time teaching me anything.  I was left to live outdoors and entertain myself which leads to an adult dog that acts like a puppy.   I'm now learning the luxuries of a loved indoor dog.   Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is new to me.  The little things like the TV and Christmas lights gave me cause for concern but I've learned they mean no harm and can be ignored.  Entering the house and going in a car were scary at first but its all good now.  My fantastic foster family has persevered and continued to show me compassion and positive reinforcement while I adjust.  This type of understanding from my new family will be paramount in my success.  


I require a family with Lab experience who will work with a trainer so I can be the best me I can be!    It's important to note that the first 10 days of any re-homing is stressful on us dogs as we learn your way of doing things but it's specifically stressful for me.


I've been introduced to the comfy couch and big bed and there's no turning back now!  I love to snuggle in the big bed for a good night's sleep with my foster parents.  My new family will need to allow full access to continue without restricting me from the luxuries I've so been lacking....after all, I will be a member of the family.  I have been known to counter surf, inspect the garbage (bathroom), steal Kleenex and put my mouth on things that I shouldn't during my transition period.   See me through it, I will do better.  While I will need reminders this isn't okay, I've relaxed in my foster home after a couple weeks.  This laid back personality shines once I've completely settled and become accustomed to my surroundings, this may take many days or weeks in a new setting.  I've attended (distanced) family visits with my foster and behaved very well.  Everyone said I was a great guest and pleasure to have around.  Structure, routine and consistency will be very helpful going forward.  I'm super food motivated and take treats gently so I know I will learn when given the right direction.  So far I've learned "sit", "wait", and "leave it".


I have limited socialization with other dogs and though I'm friendly with most, I lack the manners and recognition of canine cues.    For this reason I'm looking for a home with no other pets (including cats) and no frequent visitors from other dogs for a while.  My new home will need to be over 12 years old with dog experience as my kid exposure is limited.


I'm learning about this new thing called a leash....let's face it, I need help, I'm not good at it.   I'm improving thanks to my wonderful fosters but I'm a work in progress and my new family will need to work with a professional trainer or behaviourist.  I get super, super excited on leash when I see other dogs, and people, which leads to barking, heavy pulling and jumping until we pass or I get to meet them.  I'm reactive in a playful friendly way but it's imperative that my new family work with a trainer to learn to deescalate and manage my excitement.  I need to start with the basics.  I'm being introduced to a freedom harness with my foster.


So you see, I'm a bit more complex than meets the eye.  As my foster says I'm a "Diamond in the Ruff" who needs guidance love and patience...  I couldn't agree more.   I'm looking for an active dedicated family to give me a fighting chance and unconditional love.  In return I'll try my hardest to please and become your best buddy.

Love always,


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