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Elroy will be going in for surgery on Sept 11, 2018 to help with his elbow pain. We are hopeful that after his xrays, ct scan and scope that we he will feel better and will be well on his way to enjoying life. It should be noted that anyone looking to adopt Elroy that he will likely never be 100% high energy boy due to his elbow issue.  Any applicant applying for Elroy we will discuss his issues in further detail with you.


Birthday/Age: 8 months (Dec, 2017).

Colour: Yellow.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 60 lbs.

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Great.

Cats: Unknown.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Good.

Car: Rides well. 

Fetch: Likes it. 

Swimming: Puddles, would love to try.

Hi Friends,

My name is Elroy (Yes from the Jetsons) I just love that show so much. I am watching it now. I am a year and a half and am quite the charmer....I mean have you seen my face? 

I am coming to Lab Rescue because my owner can no longer care for me due to his health.

Medically, I am a healthy young boy. I am good in the house and fully potty trained. 

I can be described as a sweet, curious, energetic lab who loves to swim and give kisses. I am good with everyone I meet including little humans and dogs. I have never met a cat before so I don't know how I would be.


This beautiful boy came into Lab Rescue because his owner could no longer care for him due to his own health issues. In the time he had Elroy he taught him some wonderfully charming tricks - like how to make sure his charms will never be denied! Elroy displays his charms best when told to sit for a treat - you can see his royal pose here! Elroy and I travel this neighbourhood with our best act....first act Elroy sits pretty and charms the treats out of all the Senior citizens in the area. We visit many nice folks along the way and get treats, belly rubs and smiles as we go! Elroy really lights up when we get to the kids and he drops right down to the ground to soak up their love and silliness because it's just like him to flip this way and that while maximizing his belly rub time! Once we spread the ELROY JOY we head home for a rest as sometimes Elroy's joints aren't quite as happy as he is. 

You see after a couple weeks on regular maintenance medication and a few very small walks per day to keep Elroy's joints moving - he is able to move with a bit less pain and enjoy the movement that he has until he can get the much needed surgery to make his joints as happy as his personality is! In the meantime he is happy to hunker down with his foster family to play Tuggy and super smart dog games! Elroy loves his love and loves his space all at the same time (as long as his space means he gets to lay in your spot on the sofa)!

Elroy the Royal Canine also loves his car rides....mostly he loves the Jeep as he gets to maximize his smell smorgasbord! And when his foster dad leaves the Jeep he is anxious for him to return so they can get rolling again!

Once he arrives home he likes to help his foster mom beat his foster dad in cards - whispering sweet nothings in her ear!

Elroy is full of love and companionship...he wants to be near you - whether that's following you everywhere in the  house or guarding the front door to make sure nothing happens to his beloved people - you couldn't find a better pup anywhere! He knows the word "no" and is still learning some limitations like mouthing and what is an appropriate chew toy. He's super smart and figured these dog games out in a wink! We are just loving him so much and all of his antics!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.