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9 years approx Black Male 

Energy Level: Average


Dogs: Friendly, excited to play

Cats:  not allot of experience

Swimming: N A

Fetch: enjoys the game, but his body would not 

Leash Skills: Good / walks with harness

MEDICAL HOLD - recovering from hematoma / has stiff joints

A hematoma is an abnormal collection of blood outside of a blood vessel. It occurs because the wall of a blood vessel wall, artery, vein, or capillary, has been damaged and blood has leaked into tissues where it does not belong. The hematoma may be tiny, with just a dot of blood, or it can be large and cause significant swelling.

This boy is a total LOVE BUG, super in the house and just an all around AWESOME BOY.

Foster Notes:

Stiff joints / hematoma.

Dogs: How they interact on and off leash,?

He loves other dogs and is great with them - he loves following them around and exploring, but doesn't pester them to play.  He and the foster’s dog are starting to interact more, and shared a stick yesterday. For the most part it's a quiet camaraderie - they just take comfort in being together. 
Cats: If applicable, how did they meet?  Did the dog give chase or ignore?

Has only seen one since we got him, which was at the Vet's - it ran up to him, and he just sniffed it. He seems to be at peace with the woodland creatures in our backyard (birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc) and leaves them alone. I think he has a gentle soul 💙 

House Skills: 

He is fully house trained, and has never had an accident. He sleeps right through the night with no problem, snuggled up with us on our bed. His favourite spot is wherever we are, and he follows us around to make sure we're not doing something fun without him. No counter surfing, getting into garbage, chewing anything inappropriate or barking in the house.

Leash Skills: 

He was pulling on his collar but that could have been from beiong in a new area and obviously being seldom walked.  He walks well with his ne harness.. He loves getting out and exploring, and isn't reactive with cars. He likes greeting people, but doesn't pull to get to them. We did have him off leash yesterday at the soccer fields at the end of our street (dead end) and he was wonderful - stayed right with us and came as soon as we said his name.

 He of course ADORES his little alligator Lab Rescue  gave him and carries it everywhere. I think it's become his security blanket. But he is also very playful with balls, squeaky toys, and sticks - he loves chewing sticks. He will drop the ball for us, but likes us to try and get it from him. He sometimes gets excited when playing, and will sometimes bring you a toy and whine a bit or bark once or twice if he gets super excited and anxious about playing. This has decreased the longer he's been with us. 

Car: How do they react in the car? – lay down and nap, loves to hang head out the window; pant, pace, or bark? He is amazing in the car, and sits or lays there quietly, sometimes he just goes right to sleep. He likes stretching his neck to the window to get some fresh air (he's probably never "flown" before!), but never barks or tries to get out. The whole way back from picking him up he didn't make a peep, and just laid down and slept.

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