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NEW FOSTER UPDATE!!!!!! 9/5/18

Finn's behavior has been improving daily. 

He still gets jealous of his foster siblings for attention, he always wants to be hugged and patted and wants to be the number one boy. He loves being next to you. He's grown into this lovable, playful pup who welcomes cuddles and kisses. 


We go only early morning and late evening walks for approximately 45 minutes to an hour daily. He has lost a fair bit of weight, you can see his trimmed waistline. We have been walking to a very busy street where he will sit, watch and listen to the loud noises of trucks, busses and motorcycles go by so that he doesn't try to attack anything that is loud. 


His home environment is very quiet and relaxed. Finn is a gently boy, he loves to meet people however he doesn't know how to do it properly. He will bark and pull towards them with his tail wagging. Once the initial sniff and pats are done, he sits nicely while the adults chat. He does bark and pull towards other dogs which is something he will have to continue to work on. 


He is food motivated, so with help and consistency he should overcome this. He knows how to sit and will sit nicely for treats and when he is told to do so. 


He will say hello by giving you his paws. He knows leave and drop it which will need to be reinforced as he tends to pick up stuff on his walks.  He gets really excited once he sees his harness because he knows it's time for walkies exploring the neighbourhood.

When Finn is bored, he will steal your clothes or shoes and look to you to chase him (it becomes a game of chasing him around the house)!  

Finn has the potential to be an awesome boy, he's not aggressive however he is bossy, like a toddler, he wants the same toy his foster brother plays with and will chase him around to take it. 

He's not destructive, loves a big stick and on hot days loves to sit by the air conditioning vent to keep cool. 


Birthday/Age: 4.5 yrs (Nov 1st, 2013).

Colour: Chocolate.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 120 lbs (doing fabulous at losing the weight).

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Okay - but needs to be the ONLY dog in the home. 

Cats: No thanks.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Good. 

Car: Great.

Fetch: Loves it.

Swimming: Loves it.

Hi Friends,

My name is Finn, like "Huckleberry and Finn". I am a 4.5 yr old boy who has quite the personality. Although I haven't had exposure to all the finest things in life, I am a super happy, cuddly, and affectionate boy. My favourite thing is chewing on toys, playing fetch and just being loved by my humans. If you want a lap dog I am your boy.

I am a special boy and I have a special story to tell. I started having seizures about a year and a half ago with the reason being unknown. Sometimes they call that idiopathic.  A family may have to consider meds once I settle into a new home which are not too expensive I hear and the folks at Lab Rescue can chat further about that with you (Finn has not had a seizure since starting the proper medication).

Let me tell you all the wonderful things about me. I am a good boy inside the house. I am relatively relaxed and like to follow you around to keep you company. I am respectful of not going on the furniture unless I am invited up. If someone comes to the door I will let out a little bark to let you know. Once I know they are a friend I wanna be their friend too. I love affection and cuddling do you?

I was never properly socialized with other dogs but once the initial hello is over I am pretty laid back and docile with other dogs. I usually just bark for attention. Because I like to be the only one getting the attention I will need to be the only boy in the home. 

I enjoy car rides and love to come along for the ride. Doesn't matter 

how far we go I will sit and let the wind blow through my fur.

I love to swim too! now that summer is here I can't wait to splash in the waves and spend my days with my new family in the sunshine.

I like to chase furry little creatures so living with a cat would be a no at this time.

I have had a bit of exposure with kids but have never lived with one. But since being with my foster there are kids in her neighbourhood and I have been VERY sweet. Older kids would be best though as I enjoy a laid back home.

Do I sound like I could be a match for you?

Love, Finn!

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