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Handsome 9 years Black Male 68 lbs lbs

Daisy 7 years Yellow Female 70 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good.

Dogs: Limited exposure.

Cats: Lived with two of them (Daisy will play and chase them).

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Not well versed. 

Fetch: Loves it.

Swimming: Loves playing fetch in the water.


Handsome & Daisy are settling in nicely. Lakeside living and lots of love help! They are real people dogs and enjoy when company arrive. Daisy loves to chaise the chipmunks and Handsome’s leash skills have improved dramatically in a matter of days. They are enthusiastic swimmers and learning to retrieve sticks. At night they are right at your feet ready for a ear scratch or some petting whenever you have time. They are lovely dogs.


Hi Friends!

My name is Handsome and this is my little sister Daisy. She may not be all lab but she sure is lab at heart. See we have grown up together, and are extremely bonded to one another. Kinda like Snoopy and Charlie Brown....

We are coming to Lab Rescue because of Divorce, and our previous family is moving and knows we deserve better so here we are.

Medically, we are both healthy.

We are two fun loving country dogs. We came from living on a 5 acre farm where we were able to roam and enjoy the crisp fresh air. We are used to someone being home often, and really enjoy the company. We love to exercise, and because we got most of our exercise in the backyard we do like walking on leash as well. I (Handsome) wear a halti because I tend to pull but my sister Daisy is a much better walker. 

In the house we are very well behaved. We are house trained and non destructive. We greet new guests at the door with wagging tails and loving eyes. We are polite and need absolutely no time to warm up to you. I (Handsome) like cuddling up on the couch with you. I am super affectionate and full of love to give. My sister doesn't bother with the furniture much she prefers the doggy bed. 

We are used to living with feline friends. I (Handsome) am completely respectful and just leave them alone entirely but my sister thinks its fun to play and chase. 

With dogs we have to admit we don't have much experience. Dogs have visited here and there and everything was fine. We could benefit from some socialization in our new home.

With kids we have lots of experience as kids would visit often of all different ages. As long as the kids are respectful we love the attention.

We also enjoy car rides, we ride well and will lay down and relax.

Overall, I (Handsome) am a lovable boy. I am a sweet soul who enjoys the company of my humans, and likes to be close by. I am afraid of the vacuum but don't hold that against me I am quite sucky. Daisy is an independent go with the flow kinda girl. Who likes to be in the mix of things but can wander off and do her own thing too. 

Do you have room in your hearts for two sweet souls?

We sure hope so.

Love, Handsome and Daisy.

***Reduced adoption fee applies***

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