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On leash, whenever she spots other dogs she always wants to go see them. When she meets them, she is very friendly.  She sniffs and wants to play. She is not dominant at all. However, she seems not to want to share toys. She loves her toys, especially toys that squeak. She loves chewing them and often has them in her mouth. When visitors come to the door she first barks loudly, rushes up to them and runs back to get a toy to bring to them. I would say toys and balls are a bigger motivator for Inky than food.


Inky only chews her toys. She doesn't counter surf. She doesn't whine for food at the table. She usually likes to be where we are in the house and will follow us around wanting to interact and play, sometimes whining for our attention  but she is also content to lie in her basket or on the rug. She sleeps at night in her basket downstairs. Sometimes at night she will suddenly howl. At first we raced downstairs to see what was the matter but now we know she's just dreaming and she stops after 2 or 3 howls. 


I walk Inky on an EasyWalk leash, which I find easier than an ordinary leash as she pulls a bit when she sees other dogs or squirrels. My husband walks her on the ordinary leash. She tends to jump up on people when she first meets them, either in the house or when we're walking on leash. When I say "off" she stops. She doesn't react to cars or sirens. Today I was walking her through the parking lot at the Rec Centre and there was a group of hockey kids- probably about 10 years old-  with their coach. Just as we walked past them, they all started to race past us back to the Rec Centre. Inky wasn't startled at all and several of them stopped to pat her. She loved the attention. She loves it when people interact with her.


She rides well in the car, doesn't get sick, sits and looks out the window. She doesn't bark or pace.


Inky had tons of energy but she also likes to lie and cuddle. She also (mostly) obeys commands, so e.g if we're outside and she picks so garbage up, I'll say "drop it" and she does. She does tend to jump on people but when you say "off" she gets down. She only jumps for the first minute and only because she is super friendly. She often walks around with a toy in her mouth because she wants to play.


Female, Black (DOB March 15, 2012).

Weight: 65 lbs. 

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Has lots of experience but prefers not to have them in her new home.

Dogs: Not to live with but enjoy a play with them

Swimming: Loves it.

Fetch: Land or water she loves it

Leash Skills: Working on my manners.

Car: Rides well.

Cats: Unknown

Medically Inky is a healthy dog. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. She is left only 4-5 hours alone each day and has full access to the house.  She may lounge on the couch during the day and when told to get off she can be lippy about it.


She loves to play with her toys but needs durable as she will tear a stuffy apart right away.  Her favorite toy is a wubba that she prances around the house with it in her mouth.  She will play fetch on land or water until she drops from exhaustion.  She loves loves to swim at the cottage.


Inky has a very loud bark which can startle people as it is deep.  When she hears knocking or doorbell she will bark but as soon as people come through the door she jumps up on them despite the training they did to make her stop.   She could use more guidance in this regard.    As soon as she gets a pat she rolls on the floor for belly rubs as she absolutely adores attention.  If you stop patting her she will get up and nudge your hand for more pats.


Her exercise these days doesn’t amount to much of anything at this point, if she is super lucky maybe 15-20 mins twice a day.   Her family knows how much she would like more but they just don’t have the time.    From this lack of exercise one could easily expect her to pull hard the entire way until she learns the route of her new home and knows she can expect to be well exercised.  A happy dog is a dog that has both mentally and physical stimulation.


She use to go to the dog park and never any issues where she played and ran with all the dogs.  


Inky has been around many children from age 2-12 years and been fine with them.  At this time Inky is looking for a new home without children due to her being somewhat possessive with her toys.


Inky has a quirk about going to the washroom and prefers to do that on her property not on walks.


She has also been trained to wait to eat until the family says “get it. “

She’s fine in the car and will put her head out the window the first few mins then settles on the back seat.


Inky is looking for a quiet home without children to hang with her and give her the time and love she deserves.

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