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Birthday/age: 1.5 yrs (DOB Jan 21, 2020)

Colour: Yellow Mix

Gender: Male

Energy Level: High

Children: Good 12+ please

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Would like guidance

Car: Loves car rides

Swimming: Would love to try


Hi Friends!


Calling all joggers....I might be your perfect match!  I'm Jackson and I'm almost 2 years old.  I am a yellow lab mix on the slender side but so sweet and gentle like a Lab.


I'm great in the house and accustomed to my parents being home often.  My days are spent chasing squirrels in my fenced backyard, lounging on couch and running like the wind at the park with my canine friends.  I'm the master at the game of Chase and love acting like the silly pup I am.


I would like my new family to help me learn the leash thingy.  I tend to pull in excitement. I think going to doggy school could be really fun to build our bond and my skills.


I can be shy around new people but once I warm up I'm your new shadow.  My exposure to young children is limited so kids over 12 years would be best.  I've never met a cat but I love to chase squirrels and assume a cat would be fun to chase too.... Maybe a cat-free home is best.  I've never lived with another dog but I get along really well with them.  A friendly dog in my new home could be okay as long as my new family understands I would like some one on one training.

My perfect new family would be home often and be a bit of a fitness nut like me.  I love to run and play with other dogs so I would love to make new canine friends with my new family.  A secure fenced yard is a requirement for me.  If you think you can keep up with me and dedicate time to teaching me new skills, apply for me today!


Love Jackson

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