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Male, Chocolate, 8 months (DOB: May, 2017)

Weight: 60 lbs. 

Energy Level: A bundle of energy.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good, playful.

Swimming: Loves it.

Fetch: Loves it.

Leash Skills: Working on my manners.

Car: Rides well.

Cats: Good, lived with one.

Hi Friends, my name is Jax and I am 8 months old. I am coming to Lab Rescue because my family no longer has the time for a puppy. They work long hours and don't have the time to train me. 

Medically, I am a healthy puppy. I do have an issue with foods that contain any type of bird in it (turkey, chicken, etc) so my previous family switched me to salmon and I seem to do great on it. 

In the house, I am fully house trained. I am still learning my manners so I am not fully trusted alone yet (I am still young and can sometimes act like a puppy, and get into things when I am not supervised). I am trained to not go on the couches but I have to admit I love to snuggle with you at bedtime. I sleep the whole night on the bed and will curl up right next to you.

I LOVE TO EXERCISE! I can go, go, go! I love to walk, and pull for the first little bit until I burn some of that puppy energy. I am a true sniffer and love to sniff everything. Off leash I am not trusted yet. 

I love people and am friendly with everyone I meet. I sometimes get excited to say hello and will jump up for a hug with my bum wiggling the whole time. I am fantastic with kids as I have previously lived with a 4 & 10 yr old. 


I get along with cats as well. I loved with a cat and I loved to lick her and play with her. I was always great with her never bothering to chase or anything.


I love to play with other dogs. I have been to the dog park in the area as well as he play with a group of 6 dogs on the street and I get along great. I am not pushy with them just happy go lucky to run and play around. I do not appear to have any sharing issues either. 


In the car, I am told I am great! My longest car ride was for a few hours and I will just lay down.  


I love toys, bones etc but will shred the soft ones. 


Overall I am busy body typical puppy that just needs some consistent exercise and training. I am TRUE CUDDLE MONSTER and love attention and will snuggle whenever you want to!

Do I sound like I would fit your family?

Love, puppy Jax.

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