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Birthday/age: 6 yrs

Colour: Chocolate X

Gender:  Female

Weight: 126 lbs (overweight)

Energy Level: Low to Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Great

Cats: Good

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good 

Car: Rides well

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: Loves it

Hi Friends,


My name is Kye! Big like the sky! My foster mom told me that I have a fair bit of weight to loose. Apparently we’re both on the post COVID diet. She told me not to feel too bad about it...we have all packed on the pounds.

The vet also said the reason for my extra weight is that my thyroid isn’t functioning well. I quite like the pills I am taking & don’t have to be coaxed or tricked into taking them. 

My coat is also a mess, apparently I have allergies so I am on a special Hypoallergenic dog food. It’s not as good as the wet yummy stuff but I eat it. Hopefully it will help with my itching dandruff flakes. 

I LOVE LOVE to play ball! My foster parents have a box of toys that I can choose from but balls are my favourite.

I am not a fan of walks at the moment. My foster parents think it’s odd, but I prefer to play ball over walking around the block for no reason. When I don’t want to walk past the end of the driveway I just stop & I won’t budge until I know we’re going back to the house.

I love humans of all sizes, dogs and cats. I am excellent in the house and sleep right through the night. I travel quite well in the car and am quiet and laid back.

I adore belly scratches, ear scratches and snuggles of any kind.


Bye for now, love Kye!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.