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Birthday/age: 7 months

Colour: Black

Gender: Male 

Weight: 40 lbs

Energy Level: High energy

Children: 14+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

Hi, Hi, HI!!

My name is Max and I'm this many....oh wait you can't see my feets...okay well, I just turned 7 months old. I'm a little ball of energy coming to Lab Rescue because my owner fell ill.


My people are home often and although it makes mum mad, I do like to nap on the couch.  I'm so cute I get away with it!  My investigator skills are strong so please clear your counters and put the garbage away to keep those urges away.  Otherwise, I'm quiet in the house and enjoy chewing my bone.  I hang out a lot in the backyard and once in a while I go for a short walk past the other houses on this fancy harness thingy.  


I'm starting to learn some commands but I'd really like to start doggy school with my new family.  I'm learning "Hussle" which means "come get your cheese", I like that one and getting good at it.  I know to sit and wait for my food to be placed and then "break" and I can eat.  I'm so happy to do anything for you when you bring the yummy treats, I just need a family to give me the time and skills to learn what is expected.


I've only met a few friendly doggies and I was a bit shy at first so slow intros with nice dogs would be a good start for me.  I've never met a cat, whatever that is.  I've been around wee children and they make me SO SUPER happy that I smother them in hugs and kisses, I just can't contain my excitement around them.  I've been told older children in my new home would be best.  I'm equally as happy to meet new people and I'll play with absolutely anyone any time.


What else... I like to fetch and I'll bring it right back...only thing is I don't like to give it back.  I haven't learned the magic words (drop it) yet.  I've never tried swimming but it sounds like something I would love!!


I'm looking for a fun-loving family who has young-dog experience.  They would love to go for long walks everyday, play ball in the fenced yard and be ready to do some training with me.  Of course, they also need to have a comfy spot to snuggle after all the fun adventures we will have. I'm sure to give my new family a ton of precious memories on our journey together, I sure hope they contact Lab Rescue ASAP!


Love Max 

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