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Birthday/age:  3 yrs (Feb. 1/20)

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 50 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good


Swimming: Would love to try!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Lincoln here!  I'm a 3-year-old boy with a chocolate coat and the cutest expressions. I'm a petite boy around 50 pounds, and you know what they say ... good things come in small packages!!


I have great recall skills and I know all my basics, pretty good, eh?  Even better ... I lived with a cat and we got along swell. I'm also great with other dogs, we have playdates at the park and we meet on walks often. I'm amazing with the kids, but maybe older ones would be better cause I might knock the wee ones over! And I must admit, I warm up to the ladies a bit quicker, I guess I'm what you humans call a ladies man!


Wait till you see the "Lincoln" version of fetch! I like to call it "catch me if you can" HEEHEE.  I'm a hoot to watch!  I'm not big into toys but I like to chew my bone or antler in the house. I haven't tried swimming yet but I hear its a blast and I bet I can strut my swimsuit like no one's business.

If you are in need of a happy dude who loves long walks and has super cuddling skills, look no further!  My DM's are open!


Love Lincoln

Contact us at for questions.


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