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Male, Black, 5.10 years (DOB: Apr 30, 2012) Lab X

Weight: 82 lbs (approximately).

Energy Level: Age appropriate.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good, playful.

Swimming: Loves it.

Fetch: Loves it.

Leash Skills: Good.

Car: Rides well.

Cats: Unknown.

Hi Friends,

My name is Loki and I am coming to Lab Rescue because my family does not have the time to care for a playful, energetic lab like myself. I am almost six years old with beautiful black locks of fur! I am a healthy boy with great teeth, a wonderful physique, and a shiny coat.

I am a great companion because I am friendly with all sorts of dogs and humans (big or small). I have experience around kids and am very gentle. When I am introduced to new people I know to sit when instructed so they can pet me. I have top notch manners in the home.


I am house trained and will paw at the door to let you know I have to go out. I do not counter surf or have any naughty behaviours. I can also be the best guard dog as well because I will bark to alert you when someone is at the door or if someone is passing the house or coming up the driveway. I have been taught to stay off the beds but I do enjoy rugs to lay on, and I have a special rocking chair I like to take snoozes on (ZzZzZZZzz).

I have had a bad experience getting my nails clipped so I am very afraid to get my nails cut. 


I am an active boy so I would do best in a home with a large backyard or an active family that loves to run, hike, walk, swim and do lots of playing. I love fetch (with sticks or balls) and really enjoy walking. When we first start our walk because I am a big boy so I can tug on the leash for the first few minutes but once the leash shortens a bit I walk incredibly well. I will try to chase squirrels, hares and outdoor cats if I see them running. But I respond really well to the word "NO". I mean don't all dogs like to chase small things?

I hope I find a family very soon. 

Love, Loki.

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