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Chocolate, Male, 11 yrs 

Weight: 85 lbs (could lose a few).

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: No young kids.

Dogs: No thanks.

Cats: No thanks.

Swimming: Unknown.

Fetch: Unknown.

Leash Skills: Pulls at first then settles.

Car: Rides well.

Hi Friends,

My name is London (like the cool City), and I am coming to Lab Rescue as my parents had a baby, and because I am an old soul who is not impressed with the new addition. 

Medically, I do not have any medical concerns at this time. I previously had some fatty lumps removed, and more have grown but they do not at all bother me. I am suspected to have seasonal allergies so I will lick my paws from time to time but I am not on any medication for it. I did have a bad reaction to a bee sting once so my new family will have to watch out for those troublesome bees.

In the house, I have top notch manners. I am a quiet, and relaxed boy that doesn't mind cuddling on my doggy bed while you're at work. I can do stairs but may need help from time to time. I do love to go for walks. I get super excited when we get to go explore so if you love to take in the scenery as much as I do I would make a perfect companion. 


In the car, I am fabulous. I will look out the window or fall asleep.

With new furry friends I can be quite selective with who I like. I am 11 what do you expect right? If I see on a dog on my daily walk I am excellent if you tell me to heal and keep walking. I will sometimes get excited to see the odd dog but for the most part I like to be the one getting all the attention.

I am just looking for a nice relaxing place to hang my leash and enjoy some cuddles.



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