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Foster Update:

"Lora loves to cuddle on the couch but her dog bed is her special spot.  She has learned to sit and is working on shake a paw."  

"She has a cute habit of getting our boots and shoes to get our attention so we will play or give her cuddles."


Birthday/age: 4 yrs old

Colour: Yellow 

Gender: Female X

Weight: 40 lbs

Energy Level: Low

Children: 16+ Please

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Progress

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Fetch: Unknown

Swimming: Unknown

Hi there, they say good things come in small packages, well they sure got that right with me!  I'm a wee labbie cross named Lora.  I think I'm around 4 years old but no one has ever celebrated my birthday so I'm not sure. I have the sweetest brown eyes that melt everyone's heart instantly. I've also been told that I am a very quiet girl with sweet old soul.


I was rescued by these kind folks when I was found living in horrible conditions while my health suffered severely.  My life has been turned upside down since and I couldn't been more grateful.  My wonderful foster family has been dedicated to helping me recover and become acquainted with life as a loved dog and I am doing fantastic!!


I came to Lab Rescue with a skin infection which is now healing wonderfully with medication and weekly baths.  Now that I am feeling better my personality is starting to shine. I'm quite the silly playful girl once comfortable in my surroundings.   I'm still a bit shy in new settlings but I warm up fast with yummy treats....which I take very gently by the way.  I've become the tiniest shadow to my foster dad, foster mom says we are two peas in a pod.  I love to snuggle on the couch and play with my toys.  


I don't pull on the leash but rather may need some encouragement as the leash is still somewhat new to me and this world is just so big and full of new sights and sounds!  My foster mom takes me on 3 to 4 short walks a day while I build my muscles, endurance and confidence.  My new family will need to understand this is a journey for me and patience and positive reward will be a key to success.


I'm great in the house and sleep on my dog bed in my foster's bedroom at night.  I have an "emotional support shoe" that I take around everywhere with me in the house.  I do not chew it and I have lots of other toys but there's something I just love about the shoe; it makes me feel happy and safe.


My ideal furever home would be quiet, no other dogs or cats and older kids if any in the home.  I need someone who will help build my confidence and show me all the good things in this new world, someone with a true understanding of what it means to truly "rescue".  I'm looking for that passionate family who will help me reach those all important labbie milestones like swimming, trail walks, and snuggle time on the couch when we are pooped from all the fun.  Most importantly, an understand that its all about the baby steps we take on our journey to reach these milestones that will make those precious memories.   In return I will reward you with loyalty and undying love.


Love Lora


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