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Sweet Lucky

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Birthday/age: 9 yrs (April 23, 2009)

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 122 lbs and losing weight 

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Great

Dogs: Great

Cats: Great

House Skills: Great

Leash Skills: Perfect

Car: Good

Fetch: I prefer my stuffy

Swimming: Loves it


Hi Friends,

Lucky Ducky over here. I am the new handsome dude at Lab Rescue and I am 9 years old and I'm here to tell you my story...

My first home adopted me as a puppy, and had me for my whole life. When someone new came into the picture he didn't like dogs very much so she was forced to get rid of me. An awesome lady took me in and contacted Lab Rescue to help.

Medically, I am overweight so I have muscle atrophy in my right back leg. Now that I've been lucky enough to stay with this special family I am walked 3 times a day and I'm beginning to show my waist! I'm feeling so much better and I'm not limping anymore! With that being said I would do best in a home with limited stairs and no hardwood flooring as it's still a bit challenging for me. 


I am a gentle boy that loves to be close to my people. I may be a little hard of hearing too...but that just means I get to sleep through anything and don't have any fears of loud noises. I have full access to the house and am a super gentlemen. If I need to go potty I will whine at the back door to let you know.

I LOVE to walk. Right now I have to say it is my favourite thing to do. The more weight I lose the better I feel. Soon I will be running around chasing bunny rabbits.

Have I mentioned that I am great with dogs, cats and kids? because I am!


I am all around a sweet soul, and there is nothing that would make me happier than to spend my retirement years snuggling and being loved.

Do I sound like a match for you?

I could be your lucky charm.

Love Lucky.

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