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Birthday/age: 4 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 60 lbs

Energy Level: Average

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Can't wait to try 

Great with children



Hi Friends,


Marley here!  I'm so lucky to be with a fantastic foster who gives me lots of exercise and cuddles. 

I recently learned that I love this place called the cottage.  I dripped my toes in the lake but come summertime, I'm sure I'll be ready to try swimming.  I got to try this other thing call boat rides and they're even better than car rides, if you can believe that!  I'm really getting used to the good life, at 4 years old, I think I'm well overdue.


I share my foster home with children between 6 and 10 years old and that's great fun.  I think I would be happy in a home with my own "Little" to follow around and explore with.  I'm friendly with other dogs and will enjoy making new friends.  I could use some help on the socialization side of things as far as picking up cues from other dogs and I heard of this fun place called school that can help with that.  I'm overall a well-behaved boy and not bad on the leash but training could be fun to get to know each other.  


I'd like a fenced yard at my new home with someone who enjoys the outdoors.  Walks, hikes, boating, maybe swimming, playing ball... anything! I'm ready for all the fun and then all the snuggles so make sure to save me a comfy seat at the end of the day.


Love Marley


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