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Birthday/age: 4.5 months

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 40 lbs (growing)

Energy Level: High

Children: Good 

Dogs: Great

Cats: Good, lived with two

House Skills: Learning

Leash Skills: Training

Car: Good

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: Loves it

Hi Friends,

My name is Maverick and I am just a sweet puppy...that's right I am just 4.5 months old! I am coming to Lab Rescue because being a puppy can be exhausting, and my owner is having a tough time caring for both me and my other fur sibling. I do really love my humans so sometimes I bark when they leave the foster mom is working on this behavior.

Medically, I am healthy. 

When my humans are home I have full run of the house. I am very much a puppy so I have those puppy tendencies like getting into things I shouldn't but I am working very hard on only going potty outside. Since being with my foster I haven't had any accidents and my foster mom is super proud. She says being on a schedule is really working for me, and I am adapting really well. 

My favourite hobbies are walking, playing, squeaky toys and fetch! My foster mom says I have discovered water, and I absolutely love it. She says I love the messiest puddle there is, and drinking water is better when you get to lay in it. I am an active boy so if you love to be outdoors I am definitely the boy for you.

I am fantastic with dogs and greet all friends with a wagging tail and wiggly bum! I do tend to mount but will stop immediately if I'm told not to. I am used to living with two cats, and I have been pretty good with them also. I mean they mostly hide on me but I don't try and chase them when they do come out to play. 

I am great with little humans and am pretty gentle and loving with them. I am an attention seeker so the more attention the better!

My foster is teaching me all these great things like recall, leash walking, off, drop it, sit, stay, down and more! I am eager to please and am super food motivated which helps with the training. 

I do have a couple of quirks...I am afraid of thunderstorms and you know the thing in the house that cleans the floors? what is it called again? oh ya the vacuum! well I am not the biggest fan of that either. 

Stay tuned for more updates...

Love, Maverick

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Maverick 3.jpg