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To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

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Birthday/age: 1.5 yrs (approximately)

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 90 lbs

Energy Level: High

Children: Good but preferably a bit older

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Learning manners, good off leash

Car: Great

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: Loves it

Hi friends,

My name is MAX and I am the new boy that just came to Lab Rescue. The reason I am here is to find a loving family who will have time for me as my previous owner unfortunately did not which made me very sad. I am learning all sorts of new things being with my amazing foster mom.

Medically, I am a healthy boy.

I know this isn't common but I love the bath. I like to play attack the water coming from the hose. My foster mom thinks I am such a goofy guy. I also enjoy fetch, tug of war, long walks and swimming. I have to admit even though I am considered a big boy now my personality is that of a total puppy which makes everyone laugh. 

I keep hearing that I am super duper smart. I know commands such as sit, down, shake a paw, and I am even learning how to "stay".

In the house I am pretty well behaved. I am a super shadow and love to be a part of the action. I do bark when I hear people or strange noises. If a robber thinks he can get in my house....think again!

Greeting new friends you may see my bum wiggle a whole lot. I get so excited that I may jump up and give you a big hug. So kids a bit older may be best as I forget my own strength sometimes. 

My leash skills are improving, and the harness has definitely helped me. When I see other dogs I will pull to say hello but I am learning to be more respectful I am just so excited. I can be reactive to some men but this is improving with my training as well. Soon I will be the most polite boy on the street. Off leash I am excellent and well behaved.

With dogs I am playful and bouncy. Because I am such an energetic boy I do need reminders here and there to take a break especially when playing with other canine friends. 

I like to chase little furry friends so cats or small animals in the home wouldn't be a fit.

I am a total people pleaser which makes me easy to train. My listening skills are top notch and I would really enjoy doing some training with my new family to create a wonderful bond and teach me the ways of being an amazing boy. 

Have I mentioned I am excellent in the car? If you go on adventures and want a good traveling buddy I can most definitely be that boy for you. I typically just lay down and nap until we've reached our destination.

I can't wait to meet my forever family, is that you?

Apply today!

Love, Max

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