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1.5 years Yellow Male, 65 lbs

Energy Level:  Average for age

Children: hasn't had much experience 10 + please

Dogs: Plays with them daily, has lived with one

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Quiet, likes to see what you are up to

Leash Skills: Would like guidance

Fetch: Enjoys it

Swimming: Would love to give it a try!

Car Rides: fine

Health: Good

Personality: Active young dog who loves all people, very friently and affectionate.

Did you know, I’ve been nominated for the “Happiest Dog in the World Award”??  Oh wait, I should introduce myself…I’m Mika a one and a half year old handsome young man with a tail that just won’t stop! 

I’m quiet and well behaved in the house and enjoy sleeping in bed with my people.  I know my basics such as sit, stay, bed, and of course WALK.  I love my walks but would like some guidance on the leash thing as I get most of my exercise at the leash free park.  I so enjoy playing with other dogs but I LOVE getting all the attention from the people who just adore me.  I’m very respectful when meeting ne people even though my bum is going a mile a minute.

I enjoy playing off leash with other dogs and I’ve lived with a small dog in the past.  I have never met one of those cat things so I’m not sure how I would be. I’ve not lived with young kids so ones over 10 years old would be best.

What else…. Oh! I LOVE to hang my head out the car window and that Fetch game is pretty cool too.  I’ve heard this other really fun game called Swimming but I’ve never tried it.  Maybe my new family can teach me all about it!!

My ideal family would enjoy long walks and play time but also like to cuddle, I’m so good at that!  I would like more help on the leash and some work on my “come” command but other than that I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy who just wants to be loved and have fun.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.