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4.9 years approx Chocolate Male 92 lbs

DOB: August 26th, 2012

Energy Level: Average

Children: GOOD lives with two young ones

Dogs: Has not lived with one but super friendly and submissive with his doggy friends.

Cats: Lives with 3! He licks them and tries to play but the cats are the bosses!

Swimming: I know I’m a lab but I do not like the water.

Fetch: Good but would rather my owner chase me with the ball.

Leash Skills: Could use some guidance.

House Skills: Good, quiet.

Car: Unknown.


Hi Friends!


My name is Milo, and I’m going to be 5 this summer! I am a handsome chocolate boy with lots of love to give & a sweet soul. I have come to Lab Rescue by no fault of my own. My family has had some unexpected life changes and they want what’s best for me so the good people at Lab Rescue took me in! I like to follow my people around and be close to the action. I am told that I am not a huge cuddler but I know this cute thing where if you ask for a hug I come over and put my head on your shoulder so you can hug me. I am a super-duper kisser. I LOVE KISSES! Giving and receiving them (especially to females).

I am a quiet boy, I just lay down and sleep, I don’t bark too much unless of course someone is at the door then I bark until I get to see who it is. I don’t really go on the furniture too much (I get too hot) so I would prefer to lay on the nice cool floor. But I do enjoy a nice little blanket to lay on. At bedtime, I like to sleep in the bedroom on my super comfy dog bed. In the morning when my previous dad went to work I used to jump in the bed to snuggle with mom (shhhh). I have full access to the house and have no issues with stairs.


Medically, I seem to have some ongoing allergy issues which can sometimes be worse during the summer. I know I am a lab and love people food but unfortunately cannot have any. As people foods can sometimes make my allergies worse. Is it seasonal allergies or food, not known at this time so best to err on the side of caution.

I have lived with 3 cats. The older one is the boss and I let the cat do whatever it wants. I try and play with them but some of them want nothing to do with me (must be a snobby cat thing). The ones that do like me we play and chase around the house. But in the end, I am very submissive to my cat siblings. Sometimes I like to lick them too.


I have not lived with another dog but have lots of doggy friends. I am submissive to all dogs and love to play. If a meet a dog that is not nice I get afraid. I am a big sucky baby.


I have lived with 2 kids that are 2 and 7. I am told I am their best friend. I follow them everywhere and my little girl plays “boo boos” where she plays doctor and I get to be the patient and I really like that.


On leash:

My last family couldn’t walk me that much. I pull on leash and could use a little bit of guidance. A harness helps with my walking and after doing my business I settle! I am not good off leash my owners have tried but have yet to be successful. I could use some training in this department.


Do I sound like a good fit for your family??

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