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  • He doesn’t try and sleep on the bed; he likes curling up in his own bed on the main floor

  • Sleeps through the night fine

  • Loves having his ears rubbed

  • Our morning routine is for me to get up, get some stuff ready in the kitchen, then we go out for our walk (30 min).  When we get back, I have my breakfast and then give Muddy his.  At night, we eat first and then feed Muddy.  We are doing a mix of dry and canned food.

  • Although very excitable, and barks, he is very affectionate with new people he meets

  • He is curious about whatever food I am preparing at the counter, but doesn’t show signs of trying to get it.  We do try and keep food back from the edge, just in case.


Birthday/Age: 11 yrs old.

Colour: Chocolate.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 90 lbs.

Energy Level: Great for age.

Children: Unknown. 

Dogs: Great.

Cats: Unknown.

House Skills: Good, loves to snuggle on the couch.

Leash Skills: Learning, getting much better.

Car: Loves car rides!

Fetch: Not much into fetch, trying to find a toy I like.

Swimming: Likes it.

Hi Friends,

I'm Muddy but I am not sure why I got that name, my colour I guess! 

I came into Lab Rescue through no fault of my own. My family could not afford me or even their home so we were left homeless.


I am a sturdy, recently neutered 11 year old male chocolate Lab with a fairly laid-back demeanour. I do tend to get excited easily, and that makes me bark. I don’t wander too far away from my fosters when we’re out in the yard, and come right back when I here the “come” command.  I’m not great with leash walks, so my fosters are teaching me some manners. I’m good when other people visit, but do expect that they should pet me. I am a bit of a big suck, and really enjoy petting and snuggling.


Food, as with all Labs, is fabulous, and I tend to clean my bowl pretty quickly. I eat twice a day and my foster mom is even giving me supplements for my old bones!

Medically, I had two lumps removed and I was recently neutered. I am healing well and have absolutely no mobility issues for a n 11 yr old. I can do the stairs no problem and even after surgery I am enjoying 30 minutes walks a couple times a day. Once I heal I think I could even go a bit further.

At bedtime, I would really like to snuggle on the bed but right now I am snuggling on my own bed at night. I sleep through the night no problem.

I really enjoy the outdoors, I must have really loved being outdoors in my last home because I can spend hours sniffing around the yard. I would probably do wonderfully in a home that has a large sized yard to roam in. But the catch is...I want you to be outside with me. I would make the best gardening friend that is for sure.

Personality wise I am a super shadow. I love to be near my people and am well behaved in the home. I will bark if people walk by and if someone comes to the door. I mean someone has to protect you right?


Bye for now,


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