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Birthday/age:  11 mo (Jul 24/22)

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 63 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

Car: Loves it!

Swimming: Would love to try!

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Hi Everybody!

Paddy here!  You know, like Paddington the Bear?  I'm turning 1-year-old soon and am looking for a family to help me celebrate in style!!  Being the happy-go-lucky dude that I am, I'll fit in with most families but let me tell you how awesome I really am.


I'm a well-behaved boy who knows the basics, after all I did go to puppy school!  I wait patiently for my food to be put down and I even bow in gratitude for it!  I'm great in the house, being your office manager (ok couch napper!) while you work from home, but don't worry I know you have human-only stuff to do sometimes and am okay on my own.  When you arrive home I'll greet you with my favourite toy and my wagging body and big smile, there's nothing like a Paddy greeting when you come through the door!


I've lived with children before, so a family with children with dog experience would be perfect.  I'm great with other dogs and play with them often. And I might even be willing to share my forever home with a canine sibling if we were a match. I've never met a cat, so not sure what I think of them.

I really enjoy my walks. And what's this harness thingy I hear about? They say it will help me not to pull (along with treats!). I gotta get me one of those! I would love a yard to whip around in, where we can play fetch or tug of war, or you can chase me! And with summer here, I'm hoping we can get our Speedos on and we can hit the beach where you can teach me to swim!

I just love my car rides, I gotta say there's nothing like hanging your head out the window with your playlist on!

I'm a super snuggler and love to be included in family life.  Whether its hiking, cottaging, road tripping or just a movie night on the couch, count me in! I have so much love to give and need a family who will spoil me in return. 


I gotta run, apples are being sliced and I can't miss out on that!!

Love Paddy

Contact us at for questions.


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