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Yosra & Pexi

Birthday/age: both 2 yrs old

Colour: Pexi Yellow, Yosra (Maltese)

Gender: both Female

Weight:  Pexi 60 lbs, Yossi 10 lbs

Energy Level: Average 

Children: Good 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks


Cuddle Monsters

LOVE walks

Great with other dogs


Hi Friends!


It's Pexi and Yosra here.  We've been having so much fun with our foster family and Lab sibling since arriving a short time ago.  We're both 2 years old and have been together with our single owner until their work schedule became too busy.  Thankfully Lab Rescue stepped in and insisted we stay together since our bond is so obviously strong.  


We're great house guests and Pexi and I are often found sunbathing at the patio door.  Yosra is always ready for affection.  She loves to be picked up and snuggled real close. 


To say we love our walks is an understatement!  Walks are the best part of our day and we sure know how to celebrate when our leashes come out with the best happy dance ever. We enjoy walks twice a day for about 30 minutes each.  Our leash skills are good and we walk well together.


We love our Lab foster sibling and hope to make new friends with our new family.  We're so fun to watch our goofy personalities come to life when we all play together.  We're quite entertaining.  We could live with another dog as long as our family is able to care for all of us and give Yosra the extra snuggles she loves.


Do you have space in your heart for a loving Lab and her adorable side kick?


Love Pexi and Yosra

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.


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