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Birthday/age: 1.5 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 80 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: No thanks due to resource guarding

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Great

Fetch: Good

Swimming: Would love to try

Hi Friends,

My name is Reece and I am a handsome young boy. I am 1.5 yrs old and am coming to Lab Rescue because I have some quirks. See when I was a puppy a young man owned me who worked long hours and didn't expose me to much. Unfortunately, I had no proper training and he eventually gave me away to another family without telling them my quirks. 

See I have this thing where I don't like to share my food with people so if you go near my food I will growl but its only to humans I do this with not to other dogs so we really don't know what happened in my first home to make me like this. I also have shown this behaviour if I am on the bed and told to get off. During the time I have been with my second family I have tremendously improved but will require a patient home that understand that it will take me time to trust humans again. Although this is my quirk I have so many GREAT qualitites that I would like to share.

I am wonderful in the house and am fully potty trained. I am not destructive and love to be a part of the action. I can hang out and nap or play tug of war! I am currently living with a senior lab and we get along great. No issues with sharing toys and we can eat side by side with no issues. 

I am excellent off leash and love to go for trail walks. I am young so I love to be active. I am fantastic at meeting new people, and will always approach with a wiggly bum.

My favourite thing to do is go for drives and stop at this place called "Tim Hortons" where I usually get a timbit or two.

I have never met a cat so I am not sure how I would be. 

Overall, I know with the right family I would make a terrific companion. Are you willing to give me a chance?

Love, Reece


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