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Birthday/age: 3 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Energy Level: Medium energy

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Good

Hi Friends,


I'm Remy and I recently arrived in Canada on the Flight of Hope for Labs Rescue Mission.  I have my side kick Marlin with me, he's my brother and we think we're around 3 years old.  The stress of the big change has shaken us up a bit and made us timid, but not in a mean way. We aren't sure who to trust in this new world but our foster family is trying really hard to show us its all okay.  I'm the braver one of the duo, venturing around the house to check things out and even laying near the humans.  Every day I tell my brother we are okay, we are safe, we are loved,  food is guaranteed at least twice a day but if you put on a cute face these yummy treats appear too! Marlin is slowly starting to come around but our new family will need to have deep compassion and dedication to see us through the transition to our new life.  


English commands and walking on a leash are foreign to us.  In time I'm sure we will get it but those key words are in time.  We would like a family to take baby steps in expanding our circle of trust.  All our lives, its just been Marlin and me to fend for ourselves.  We're starting to see that with trust comes great luxury and all we need now is that perfect family to guide us along our journey.  A quiet home with older children and no cats would be ideal.   We've been around other dogs and were fine but mainly indifferent.  If you think your heart is big enough for two AND you have a fully secured, fenced yard, apply today!


Please also have the following:

~ A history of Labradors in the family

~ Financial security to carry the cost of two dogs (inc. food, medical, training and supplies)

~ Enthusiasm to train --to do this, must be home on a regular basis

~ Experience in training, although a trainer will be provided to you for    phone calls and video sessions

~ Kids need to be over 14 years old in the home

~ No other pets

~ Physical space indoors and outdoors to comfortably accommodate a large breed pair

~ Patience, fortitude, and time dedicated to the active lifestyle of the Labrador breed X 2

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