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Birthday/age: 8 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Female

Weight: 33 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try

Calm, quiet, laid back

loves her walks

would like fenced yard


Hi Friends,


Willow here. I'm so thankful to be with Lab Rescue and my wonderful foster family.  I now get to do things I never dreamed of!  I think I'm around 8 years old but no one has ever, and I mean EVER celebrated my birthday.  I can't tell you what my life was before, but I can tell you my personality has not suffered one bit. I have so much love to give! All I know is I'm a sweet senior looking for a special family.


I'm quiet in the house and go with flow taking lots of naps while my foster mum works.  I like to investigate every squirrel and every smell I encounter on my walks.  I'm learning some new commands like sit and down.  I'm happy to learn anything you want to teach me in exchange for a yummy liver treat.  My darling brown eyes have a way of coaxing liver treats right out of your pocket!


I'm told I have this thing called kidney disease which sounds scary, but my symptoms are minimal and I'm ready to love life to the fullest for my remaining time.  I am thankful for the Lab Rescue volunteers, my amazing foster family and my doggy doctors for giving me the best care possible and not giving up on me when so many others would have.  


Everyone who has met me, despite my not feeling well, has fallen in love with my kind soul.  I'm now considered palliative care and with supportive care, my vet has estimated my lifespan will not exceed another three years.  I'm looking for that special person who truly understands the medical journey I'm on and is willing to be by my side while providing enrichment, devotion and compassion for my golden years

Love Willow


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