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To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.



Birthday/age: 10 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!


Rocket Here!  You'll never meet a more loyal buddy than me!.

I've loved the cottage life with access to water every day and endless games of fetch but my owner sadly fell ill and I'm now looking for a new family to give me all the things I love.


I'm good in the house, quiet and have lived with another dog with no issues.  I enjoy my walks every day and I walk on a loose leash.  I love to run at the park with some canine friends and chase after a ball, always bringing it right back to throw again.


I'm a great "road tripper" whether a short jaunt to the store or a long ride, taking in the scenes and waiting patiently.  On days when I will be alone I like to go to doggy daycare and play with all my friends.


I'm good with children having had them visit often but I'm not sure about those cats, so I might pass on those.


My perfect family will be home often, perhaps work from home or retired, or willing to sign me up for daycare so I'm not lonely when they are at work.  My dream is to have a spot to swim regularly and someone with a strong arm for fetch and of course my very own spot on the couch for TV time. Can you make my dreams come true?


Love Rocket


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