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To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.



Birthday/age: 10 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!


Senior, loyal to a fault 

Healthy obsession with fetch

Loves lake life


Rocket here!  I'm a 10-year-old boy accustomed to cottage life on the lake where I can swim until my heart's content.  I'm coming to Lab Rescue due to my owner's passing but I'm told there are families looking for a laid back senior boy just like me, so paws crossed!


Some of the perks that come with loving a senior are:

1. I've already master loose leash walking 

2. I know my basics and how to tell you I have go out to potty  

3. I've been to daycare so I'm socialized very well with other dogs 

4. I've had many years loving the same person so I know what unconditional love is and I'm great at giving and receiving it  

5. I also know that my people do tons of fun things that I like to be included in  

6. Swimming and playing fetch are the best things since sliced bread and I've had the luxury of being able to do both any day of the week.  I would be delighted for this to continue

7. With age comes wisdom and the role of supervisor for the kiddos 


My perfect family will be home often and include me in their comes and goings.  I'm used to running errands and waiting patiently in the car (weather permitting of course) and I won't howl while you sing car songs!  I'd like someone to help me stay active and provide me a place to swim and a soft place for me to land at night.


Does your heart and home have room for a senior boy?


Love Rocket


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