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rocky poster.png

Birthday/age: 2 yrs 

Gender: Male

Weight: 105 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!

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Foster Update!

What a brilliant boy! Rocky is settling in quickly and learning fast! The loss of his eyesight has not slowed this chocolate down and he is learning new commands to guide him around his environment so quickly. Rocky is lovely on a long lead and has learned "wait", "step", "this side" and "careful" while in a heel position. In less than a week Rocky has mastered navigating the main floor of our house and is able to move through the house, out on the deck and into the garden unassisted.

Toys have become a favorite for Rocky. He enjoys scented squeaky toys and loves interacting with cognitive toys like the snuffle mats, Kongs and licky mats. Tug of war with his furry friends is always a go-to for Rocky!

Rocky is super gentle and not a typical, rambunctious 2 yr old dog. He is laid back, happy to be with people and wonderful with other dogs he meets on our walks. He is food motivated but gentle with treats and happy to share both food and toys with his canine friends.

Rocky does really well with the other dogs in the house and follows their cues and movements closely. On walks, he is most happy if he is within "smell distance" of our dogs and it isn't unusual to find Rocky curled next to one of our Labs on the couch. 

Rocky is a snuggler! He will often press his head into you to let you know he needs some love. Inviting him on the couch for our after dinner snug fest is a highlight of my day!


Hello everybody, I’m Rocky a 2-year-old LOVE BUG!

I’m a super friendly dude who loves meeting new friends, both canine and human, I must admit, I really like those ladies!

I play with my doggie friends often and we have so much fun together, I’m quite the social butterfly! I’m great on leash and a real pleasure to walk I’m told!

You would never know it by my pictures, but I am blind, I developed blastomycosis a little while back. And while I’m all better from that now, unfortunately it has left me blind. But don’t worry that doesn’t stop me from doing everything other doggies do. I enjoy swimming and playing with my toys, and hanging out with my peeps!

I am super quiet in the house, not a bother at all, and I’m not a barker. And if you have to go out without me, I am good on my own. I just sleep on the couch or my bed and wait for you to come home. I have lived with young kiddies and I just love them, they like to give me cuddles and I like to give them kisses! I lived with a cat too, and we were real buds, playing together, sleeping together, and I was very gentle. Me and the cat liked to cuddle on the couch together!

I really am a typical lab who is super sweet, cuddly and affectionate! I just might need a little guidance along the way. I think in my new home I would do great with a “buddy”, a cat or dog, if we were the right match!

I sound like quite the catch don’t I?! What are you waiting for, message me!

Love Rocky

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