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Birthday/age: 8 mths

Colour: Chocolate

Gender:  Male

Weight: 68 lbs

Energy Level: High

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good 

Car: Rides well

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: Currently learning

Hi Friends,


My name is Roger and I'm so excited to be with the Lab Rescue family.  I've already experienced some great walks and lots of fun at play date with new friends and even got to try out their pool.  I was actually following my friend and he jumped in the deep end so I did too...did I mention I've never swam before?  I sure learned fast!

I'm told my life will forever change and thank goodness because where I came from wasn't so great.  Now I'm safe and happy and looking forward to this journey to my forever home.

If I was asked to describe my new forever family it would include a family that understands that although I am 8 months old, I haven't been exposed to hardly anything in life that would be typical for a lab my age. 


What I'm hoping for is a family that will help me be the best boy I can be. 


I will require a family that has the time, patience and energy to invest in training as I have been told that I am as super fast learner and an A+ student if you have a bag of liver treats that makes the training that much better.


Young children are ok for sure but not suited for me at this time as I learn what their movements mean and how to calmly approach them. 


Dog friends are fun and I met some this weekend but learning to play with them gently and with grace to understand what is acceptable play will again take guidance.  At this time Lab Rescue folks think it is best I be an only dog in the house until my training is complete (and my neuter :-))  


Considering  I've never met a cat it may be too tempting to chase one so I would like to be the only pet and not have to share cuddle time.

I am pretty sure I can master swimming quickly as it only took a few tries yesterday with some tasty treats, so I look forward to a family that would also be open to helping me explore a better doggie paddle!  


Bye for now, love Roger

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