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Birthday/age: 2 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: No thanks

Dogs: Great

Cats: Fine

House Skills: Excellent

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Loves it, falls asleep

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: Loves it

Hi again, it's me Roscoe.  I've been with Lab Rescue for quite some time, and by that I mean over 40 dogs have found their forever homes since I've been in their care desperately looking for my new loving home.   


Let me tell you my story.....


I came from a really heartbreaking situation that didn't prepare me for any human contact or kindness. The first year of my life I wasn't given the opportunity to learn all the things it takes to be a good canine citizen. Instead of spending my puppy-hood playing, learning new tricks, and going on adventures with my owner...I was living in a backyard in a pretty horrible situation when the only time I was touched it was negative experience. This has ultimately caused me to mistrust humans until I know they won't hurt me. When I feel like there is no escape route or someone I don't know tries to pet me unexpectedly and including raises their hand over top of my head I will react badly, that could end up in a bite of defense, I have been told that means I need to work on my fear issues. 

​Unfortunately, when someone hears "bite" they immediately turn their heads and don't want to give me a second chance. It is so much easier having the "good dog" or the "perfect dog" and I have been returned back into Lab Rescue's care because of this issue. There is a human who I have connected with from Lab Rescue who wants to share her experience of what it has been like to get to know me, and how her approach to helping me trust humans has been a positive and rewarding experience, and ultimately what kind of owner I will need. 


Now onto my bio ....... 

​I am looking for a special home, one that would have a single owner, with no children. A home that is exceptionally quiet with no traffic coming in and out as this causes additional stress.  If there was a large yard to play in that would be great too as my favorite game is fetch!  I am good with both cats and dogs but would do best probably on my own where I can soak up all the love, and bond well to my new owner.   My houses manners are top notch, and I can an be left alone and will quietly wait for your return.  I ride super well in the car and will lay down and fall asleep.


I may never be the dog who can be pet by everyone or be perfect in every way, but once I get to know you I will smoother you with all my love.   Over the past few months I have bonded nicely with the Lab Rep Danielle and I trust her so much now that I dance with delight when I see her.  It shows my intense potential when I feel safe.  I am ready, willing and eager to learn! 


I am so hopeful to find my forever home and would benefit from having an owner who has some training experience, or is willing to put in the work to understand doggy behaviours, and is willing to work with my quirk.

​Please take the time to meet the scared ones, the timid ones, the ones that don't stick to you at first, the ones with troubled pasts, and broken spirits...they haven't given up. They just need you, and maybe you just need them too.  I just need a need a second chance...Hugs Roscoe

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