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Birthday/age: 18 weeks (born on Christmas Day)

Colour: Black X

Gender: Female

Weight: 30 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good, lived with them

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Learning my manners

Car: Rides well

Fetch: Loves the soccer ball!

Swimming: Unknown, loves to jump in the bath

Hi Friends,

My name is Sadie and I am 18 wks old. Wanna know something awesome? I was born on Christmas Day! isn't that super sweet? I am coming to Lab Rescue because my family's situation has changed and they are finding it hard to give me all the love and attention I require as a puppy. 

Medically, I am a healthy puppy. 

My humans describe me as playful, excitable, active and sweet.

I lived with two young humans 6 & 11 so I have experience with kids. Although sometimes I get super excited to see them so the odd time I jump up for kisses.

Although I haven't been around tons of dogs yet, I do get super excited to see them, and I really love to play!

My favourite toy is a soccer ball. I used to play with the kids and I absolutely loved it. I haven't had the chance to go swimming yet but when my humans take a bath I will try and join in for a swim!

In the house I am a pretty good girl. I am not bothered by loud fact I will chase the vacuum and bite at the hose! I am house trained and learning how to be a good girl day by day. Because I am still learning its important to keep the counters free of yummy delicious snacks so I don't get tempted to help myself.

I also have this really fun game where I like to steal socks and when you want them back I run around and make you chase me!

Stay tuned for more fun updates on me.

Love, Sadie

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