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1.10 years Black Male 65 lbs

DOB: September 14, 2014


Energy Level:  Average for age

Children:  Very gentle, lived with a child

Dogs: Great with friendly dogs

Cats:  Met a few, not too interested

House Skills: Likes to be included in the action

Leash Skills: Would like a refresher

Fetch: Not a huge fan

Swimming: LOVES IT!

Health: Good

Oh boy, I’ve hit the Jack pot!!  I came to Lab Rescue because my owner ill, I do miss her but I’m having a HOOT with my foster family.  I’m Saint by the way; a handsome guy, if I do say so myself, coming up on two years old.  My bum won’t stop wagging and I always have this goofy smile on my face and WATCH OUT because I could turn my belly up for a good scratch at any second!   I might just be the happiest Lab on earth!

I’m super smart too, of course, and know lots of commands but would like some help on the leash.  I’m just so excited to get where we’re going…..wherever that is….  My foster family is teaching me some new skills and with my need to please, I’d say I’m doing pretty good.

I’m very gentle and respectful of kids, great with other friendly dogs, a bit of a lady’s man, and I’m fine with cats.  What else could you ask for?!?  I’m in my GLORY at my foster’s cottage swimming as much as I want, hanging out with my new Lab buddies and soaking up all the attention. 

I’m use to my owner being home most of the time and would like that set up in my new home.  I’m laid back in the house and like to be close.  I get a little stressed when I’m left alone and would appreciate if my next family was home lots and worked with me until I am comfy and relaxed in my new home.  I think a long walk before alone time and a Kong full of yummy treats might help but we can talk about that ;)

I’m an awesome young guy looking for an active family to give me lots of love and attention, exercise and a bit of training.  I have soooo much love and joy to give and can’t wait to meet my new forever family!!!



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