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10 years approx Chocolate Male 75 lbs

Energy Level: Average


Dogs: appears friendly, has exposure.

Cats:  N/A

Swimming: N A


Leash Skills: 

Hi Everyone! My name is SPARTA. I am approximately 10 years old. I lived with my breeder for the first part of my life and no I am in the care of Lab rescue and loving it! I LOVE people and attention. I am super friendly and love to say hello when I get to meet new friends. Overall, I am constantly told how sweet, cuddly & affectionate I am. I hope my new owner likes kisses because I sure do! Do you like big lap dogs? Because I would love to come sit on your lap so you can rub me wherever you would like! I am not at all fussy. I am a quiet boy who just needs some patience for someone to show me the ropes.


I recently visited the doggy doctor and they said I had no medical issues. I have no mobility issues as I am still able to run around and play fetch! They said I am in excellent shape for an older guy!  It should be noted it appears as if I have mild lenticular sclerosis (eyes) which I am told is not painful. It does not significantly affect my vision I am told , and requires no treatment. I hear it is like asking a person to read the fine print on a bank statement, they might be in trouble, but to live a dog’s life, they’re fine.

I have full access to the house. I have discovered this new thing called a “doggy bed” that I never got to enjoy before. Now if you can’t find me that’s where I’ll be. I don’t have destructive habits like chewing or getting into things which makes me a super good boy in the house. If you go out somewhere I just enjoy  sleeping on my bed. I am a quiet boy and rarely bark.


Have you I told you yet how much I LOVE walks? As soon as I see you getting the leash out I am up and ready to go! I go on two to three 30-45mins walks per day. Not to brag but I am told that I am a dream on the leash and pretty much walk right beside you. My previous owner did not have a fenced yard so I didn’t have the opportunity to be off leash but I come when I’m called if you don’t yell. If you raise your voice to me when I walk away I lay down and wait for you to come get me. I am sensitive soul that requires a very gentle owner. I can wander but they may be due to my eyesight.

I have had limited exposure to swimming so I am not sure how much I like it. Maybe if I had a family to show me the ropes I could learn to enjoy it.


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