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5 years Yellow Males 103 lbs and 105 lbs respectively

Energy Level:  Average for age

Children: Very gentle

Dogs: Good with friendly dogs

Cats: Fine with them

House Skills: Goes with the flow

Leash Skills: Would like a refresher, very eager to please

Fetch: Cooper will retrieve, Tank not so much

Swimming: Cooper loves water, Tank likes to wade

Health: Good

Personality: Super affectionate, always happy with tails wagging, loads of fun!

Tank and Cooper are a bonded pair and will not be separated.

Hi Lab Lovers!

My name is Cooper and this is my brother Tank.  We are the sweetest 5-year-old Labbies you will ever meet, caught up in an unfortunate situation of no fault of our own. Our owner has passed away and we now need a new home ASAP.

We’re super smart guys and know lots of commands. We’re great in the house and sleep on our own beds at night.  We are accustomed to the rural life so leash walking is a bit new to us but with consistent training, I’m sure we can figure it out.  

I love, love, love water, puddle, kiddy pool or lake!! Tank, not as much, he likes to wade in it but he would perferto chase after a ball or play tug of war.   Our exercise routine has consisted of romping around the property and a game of tussle together with the odd opportunity for a swim.  We would greatly benefit from a regular exercise routine to help shed the extra pounds we each carry.

We are great with kids of all ages, very gentle but we are big boys and may unintentionally know over a little one. For this reason, we would be best suited in a home with dog-experienced kids. We’ve lived with a cat in the past and that was okay.  We would enjoy being the only canines in the home.  We need lots of love and attention that we have been so lacking lately.

An experienced, compassionate owner who will love us unconditionally and work with us on a few things such as our weight and leash skills is be all two adorable boys like us could ask for.  In return, you will be rewarded with tons of hugs and kisses.



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