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2 year old, yellow male X


Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good, prefers respectful kids

Dogs: No thanks

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good quiet, likes to hang out with his people

Leash Skills: Wears gentle leader and walks great

Fetch: Loves It!

Swimming: Loves it!

Health: Good

Car: Good




Without a doubt this wonderful young lab has won our hearts and we will truly miss him when he leaves us for his “forever home”. Tari is a very well behaved and loving young dog who is energetic and playful.  We can honestly say that, during the time we have had Tari, we have not experienced or seen any behaviour to warrant the need for a muzzle.  We are confident that if you give this boy a chance, you will not be disappointed.


-Tari’s Foster Family    



Tari is truly a pleasure to have around. He enjoys playing fetch in the backyard and waits patiently at the back door to be let in for a rest! He is very healthy and energetic. He eats and sleeps well and can't wait to get up in the morning for his breakfast. He responds well when he is called and is exceptionally quiet in the home, and rarely ever barks. We LOVE to walk him and do so three times a day with his harness and he is FANTASTIC. He is very playful and loving to all the people he meets. He sleeps beside our bed every night and will only get on the furniture if asked to. He is exceptional when being left alone, and will make his forever family really happy. 

Hi Friends!

My name is TARI, and I am approximately 2 years old! I am a handsome yellow boy with lots of love to give & a sweet soul. I like to follow my people around and be close to the action. My fosters say that I am well mannered and a HUGE snuggle bug. I love everything about being affectionate to my people. I eat twice a day at 7am & 7pm. I have no aggression with my food or toys. You can take my food and toys away and I am wonderful. I know how to sit, lay down and wait. I am food driven so very easy to train with someone who is patient with me. I love playing tug of war and fetch those are my absolute favourite thing to do!

​I am a quiet boy in the house, I just lay down and sleep, I don’t bark too much unless I am outside and want to come back in. I don’t go on the furniture (even though my foster mom doesn’t care if I do) At bedtime, I like to sleep in the bedroom on my super comfy dog bed. I have full access to the house and have no issues with stairs. I have also been known to get into things when you leave the house so my new family will have to make sure that everything is put away so that I am safe (I ate my moms steak on her birthday) she says it was her fault because she left it looking so yummy on the counter when she left the house.

Medically, I am a super healthy lab!

​I have no exposure to cats and would prefer a house without them. I mean I love to be the only one getting ALL the attention.


On leash, I walk on a gentle leader and have been told that I am an absolute angel on the leash. The more I learned to trust my foster mom the more I relaxed. My foster mom is 5’2 and has absolutely no issue walking me by herself. I do require a muzzle (please don’t let this deter you). I was not so nice to a small dog in the past and got myself into trouble which requires me to wear one. In saying that I am picky to which dogs I like on a walk. My foster mom has learned when it is best to just cross the street and she has NO ISSUE controlling me. Sometimes I am playful with dogs on a walk but would prefer if we just avoided them altogether. I used to lunge at cars but with time my foster mom says that has completely subsided.


Squirrels: My favourite, I just want to chase them all day long!




Please note Tari has been in a situation that now requires him to wear a muzzle when in public.  He is a very nice dog but did mix up the situation with a dog the size of a squirrel.   He is an absolute angel with people, and in the house but  at this time needs restricted access to all dogs off his property thus we are looking for a family to adopt him that does not have animals in the home. 

This is a very special situation for us at Lab Rescue but this boy is so worth it. If you are his new family and know someone who might be, please help us spread the word. 


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